Sho Totally Transforms and Takes 3rd Place in His First Physique Competition with Aesthetic Transformation Personal Training

"I made the decision to compete in a physique competition and knew I would need the help of a professional. I was introduced to Sasha as he has the experience of producing an Australian champion before."

"When Sasha and I first met he analysed my physique and designed a detailed training and nutrition plan to help me drop body fat and improve my weak points in time for the competition 8 months away."

"Before we began I was worried my existing injuries may become worse but Sasha explained to me the first 12 weeks would be focused on rehabilitating those areas along with dropping the initial body fat. I am relieved to say I am no longer experiencing pain in my shoulder, knee or lower back!"

"The competition prep wasn't easy and I almost gave in many times during my journey, but never lost sight of my goal. I'm happy I was able to prove to myself that change is possible if you stay focused and your will is strong enough.

Thank you, Sasha for your guidance and support. Next year it will be first place!"

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